Harvard Profs Can't Do Everything;
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Harvard Profs Can't Do Everything; For one thing, as seen by this article, they certainly can't rap.
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posted by clavdivs at 8:20 AM on June 14, 2001

The following is a partial transcript of this remarkable (and fictitious) event

Proof that humorous fiction can actually be worse than serious fiction. Ayn Rand was funnier than this.
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Yeah Yeah they' ain't no Bill 'this goes out to all maah hommies' O'Reilly! Hid skillz are mad, his rhyme is dope and he can get nice with Charlie Chan!
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It is worth following the link to Cornel West's site. You can download some of the tunes. He seems to be aiming at being Gil Scott-Heron, rather than DMX, which is a noble goal but he does miss by quite a long way.

But... on the basis of this spoof, let's hope the writer never gets into the studio. It doesn't bear thinking about.
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