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bonus level is a new flash gaming portal. Games include Captain Dan V Zombie Plan, reminiscent of Berzerk, Push, an unusual platformer that combines level manipulation with quick-reflex timing and jumping, Jump Gear, an acrobatic timed racer and a ton more I haven't even tried yet. What sets bonus level apart from other gaming portals is that it's headed by three great names in game development, Wouter Visser (Wouter), Tõnu Paldra (tonypa) and Jean-Philippe Sarda (JP). Part of their philosophy is allowing anyone who registers to make and share levels for their games, as well as giving budding designers access to the flash APIs used to create all of bonus level's games.
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I first found Captain Dan & Push via Good Experience Games (that one page is responsible for more lost time in my life than any other. Except MeFi, of course), compiled by Mark Hurst, author of Bit Literacy, proprietor of Creative Good and the man behind Gel and the new Gel Health conferences (sort of mini-TEDs, all about good customer/client/patient experience).
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Another game with many user-generated levels is Free Rider 2. It is awesome.
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Another game with many user-generated levels is Free Rider 2. It is awesome.

I'm glad I can benefit from its hard-working user community without contributing anything of my own!

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You want to contribute to Free Rider 2's hard-working community? Go ahead.
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Flipping heck. The second level on Jump Gear is harder to beat than QWOP. Who is this supposed to be fun for?
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Is it possible to mute the sound in Captain Dan V Zombie Plan?
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I've been a fan of tonypa's games since AOL (ha, like when I babysat Moses), nice to see he found a place to host - got tired of dead links.
I'm sure the rest is great too, just doing a drive-by comment to say that, haven't RTFA'd or anything
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