Marine Biologists are noting new behaviors among Grey whales.
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Calving mothers are seeking out human contact. (SLNYT) “It’s extraordinary,” she said. “At precisely the time when you’d expect them to be the most defensive, they’re incredibly social." A lengthy article about the state of whale-human relations built around events at Baja.
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Wonderful article. Thanks, BLB.
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Wow, it'd be so cool if the reason why the Friendlies exist is because JJ grew up and let them know that those hairless apes weren't so bad after all.

Kind of like when Geordi taught Hugh to be cool and thus began a Borg sect that didn't try to assimilate everyone aaaaaand I'm a nerd
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That was beautiful. Have to add this to my list of things to see before I die.
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I bet whales wouldn't have run the economy into the shitter.

The last two paragraphs... woah.
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So now even whales are using babies as attention-grabbing fashion accessories.

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thank you!
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i fought the woo-woo but the woo-woo won.
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It's interesting that a great white shark brain weighs about 1-2 ounces while a sperm whale brain weighs up to 19 pounds. I have to wonder if perhaps whales are the great thinkers of the sea.
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An incredibly wonderful piece. Thank you!
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Frustrating and inspiring. It's like tossing Sid Viscious into the middle of the Vienna Philharmonic string section. We are fucking up their jams.
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Great article. I wish I had more to say, other than 'wow'. I've always thought whales (and animals in general) had much more 'consciousness' than we knew, but the bits at the end, and especially the mention of the trapped humpback, were awesome.

I guess it's time to go play my favorite crazy hippie game, Save the Whales (highly recommended!).
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That blew me away. Thanks for posting!
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Thank you.
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I do believe that was the most gorgeous article I've ever read online. My favorite line: "I've never felt so beheld in my life."

Thank you!
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