You pistol whipped those puppies!
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The Case of the Missing Puppies (SLYT) - possibly only funny if you are familiar with long-running Australian drama Home & Away.
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You don't even know what sperm is.
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I am (sadly) familiar with Home & Away. This is not funny. Guy seems to be channeling Ali G/Borat accents, and a mountain of comedy road-apples.
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After so many youtube mashups of Australian cop dramas and dubbed schtick about puppies, it'd be nice if there was one about kittens. So far, all one of wormpoo21's "Home and Away" videos have been about puppies. This has not gone unnoticed. In fact, it has been the subject of commentary for minutes.
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This is not fu...

...oh, fuck. It is. I really didn't want it to be, but it is.
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possibly only not even funny if you are familiar with long-running Australian drama Home & Away.

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Why did I enjoy that? I am shamed :(
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Has it got the one that can act from Dollhouse in it?
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Home & Away is funny enough without someone screwing around with it. And by funny I mean "Holy cow there's some bad actors on this so let us laug at how bad they are at acting" funny, not "ha ha" funny. How Heath Ledger was ever an alumni of that show, I will never understand.

That said, this was not funny. I think the premise had potential ("The Case of the Missing Puppies" could have been hilarious) but the execution was woeful. So woeful, infact, I almost wonder if a Home & Away writer and actor was responsible for this abortion of a video.
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Oh man, that was terrible. I would have been pushed to find that funny in high school. Drunk.

God. Sometimes I forget what a black hole of soulless banality YouTube mostly is. I guess I can be thankful I was reminded.
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Wanted to hate it but chortled all the way through -- and I don't chortle often.

Also, not familiar with Home and Away. (Except the theme tune. That's the one that goes.. You and me belong to-geth-er, amirite?)
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I was expecting the worst but that made me laugh. It reminded me of Adam and Joe.
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Well, that appealed to my deeply peurile inner three year old.

Has it got the one that can act from Dollhouse in it?

Dichen Lachman was in Neighbours*, which is poo, not Home and Away, which is carved out of pure awesome.

Also, for those caught up in the sheer emotion of the missing puppies saga, there's a follow-up.

*Once more with lingerie
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The only time I ever seem to watch Home And Away is on the television in the waiting room of the dentists. Now my teeth hurt. Thanks.
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I don't know why I found this so funny. It's like it's SO NOT funny - it doubles over itself in it's 'not-funny-ness' and is compounded funny. Ultra uber extra stoopid funny. It's even more funny again when other people watch it and don't think it's funny.
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Amen sister!
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most impressed.
on a related note, there is a zine that you can get (or could get) in melbourne that has screen capped neighbours with rewritten story lines.
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Ha! Absurd humor is absurd. Also, humorous.
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Speaking of (un)funny and Australia, I have a hard time watching Eric Bana be serious Hollywood leading-man, when all I can see is the guy who used to be in Full Frontal.
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