It doesn't matter, if you're black or white.
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So, I’ve made a lot of posts about India over the months. Some, were memorable; others, not so… but, when have I posted the Beautiful black and white shots that you can get here, or brought them to your attention.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: intersting links but your own greatest hits isn't really a good jumping off point for this. Try again tomorrow? -- jessamyn

fearfulsymmetry... that was, pretty... symmetric--jinx!
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beautiful! thank you, bhai.
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Is it time for the Greatest Hits with an Extra Track already?
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Let's stroll down memory lane with hadjiboy, shall we?

He made us laugh,
he made us cry,
he made us sometimes wonder why,
his posts were good,
and some were crap,
we'd sometimes boo,
we'd sometimes clap,
and now with this post to the blue,
four links are old, and one is new.
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