"Genuinely confusing to rapists"
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The Worst Date Ever is the new book by Jane Bussmann. She starts as a celebrity journalist in LA and ends up breaking a massive story about the political situation in Uganda from a scary bit of Africa. Ms. Bussmann also wrote the first internet sit-com: The Junkies (parts 1, 2, 3) , and had a hand in South Park, Brass Eye and Jam. The wonderful Sally Phillips directed the Edinburgh stage show that became the book and Chris Morris says it's "Genuinely confusing to rapists".

Like Stewart Lee and Peter Baynham she's been at it for a while and now she's getting some big things out in the world.
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Ooh, she wrote (compiled? Edited?) Once in a lifetime! One of my fave books, completely daft oral history of acid house/summer of love in England. Well worth a read , just for the ridiculous stories and funny hats. Quite inspiring even though the drug use goes to 11
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I misread the title as "The Worst DATA ever" and thought "Finally, a book I can really love."
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Once In A Lifetime was a great book, yet something about this one doesn't grab me - is it somethibng more than a quirky personal dating memoir? Yeah, yeah, I know, given the above.
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Worth it for the Amazon reviewer who though the book was "Helirious (I was laughing out loud on the plane)".
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Jane Bussmann also told her story on an episode of Jon Ronson On... [mp3 link] a few years back. A similar tale is covered in the episode on the worst internet date ever [mp3 link], which, frankly, is one of the most bizarre stories I've ever heard.
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Which part is confusing to rapists? Geez. I hope that's not the part that's confusing to rapists, because I'm confused, but I've never raped anyone.
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I'm confused, but I've never raped anyone.

And thus the most dangerous game begins.
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I'm with hippybear.
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