This is a journey into Twee
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Kitten Painting's site has wonderfully evocative descriptions of the front line of the 1980s indie/anorak/C86 scene. (Not sure what 'twee' is? Try here, have a listen to C86, or download from here. )
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"Lordy! No wonder people wanted to throttle the tweesters. Part of the fun of being a pop kid was the fact that it really annoyed people though. Just when we were supposed to be grown up, when our peers were swanning around with perms and stillettoes and discussing diets (and that was just the boys - ho ho), we revelled in growing our fringes into our eyes, wearing anoraks, shaking tamborines, eating Smarties. Not that subversive, but amusing nonetheless. God bless indiepop and the fanzine nation."
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Twee is the one genre I find myself coming back to, over and over again.

That and power metal.
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Your favorite indie music blog sucks.
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Your favourite Onion t-shirt slogan sucks. Now, have a lollipop and pop The Pastels on.
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Great post. The Pitchfork article was informative and highly nostalgia-inducing.

Kids today can't understand how much logistical effort it was just to keep up with a scene as a consumer, let alone the sheer heroism of folks like Calvin Johnson for starting and nurturing one in the first place.

Fast forward to today, where twee meters no doubt pegged by my music collection--said I'd like All Girl Summer Fun Band. In a matter of minutes, I had previewed, purchased, and downloaded the entire discography of my new all time favorite band.

Truely we live in the age of (twee) miracles.
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Although I have mixed feelings about the genre, twee is one of my favorite words. It sounds incredibly onmatopoeic although I don't think it's technically onomatopoeia.
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Twee is the one genre I find myself coming back to, over and over again.

That and power metal.

There's a great little bit in the indisputably best-of-the-web True Porn Clerk Stories wherein the author talks about the challenge of making an in-store music mix well-pitched enough to entertain the staff and confuse the customers; a coworker hit upon shuffling Belle & Sebastian and GWAR.

It amuses me in the abstract but...oh, "twee" is not a compliment.
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This is splendid. The fact that I did not have the chance to be part of this scene at the time sometimes makes me exquisitely sad... and this blog only makes it worse. But it is lovely description, of course. (And the drawings are delightful.)
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Jesus Christ punchdrunkhistory.. your sentence alone made me want to give you a dead arm and steal your lunch money..

I like some twee, very little though.. mostly I have an appreciation for twee-influenced things like shoegaze and The Decemberists..
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It amuses me in the abstract but...oh, "twee" is not a compliment.

It's one of those genre names which originally was pejorative but then lost its negative connotations, like "shoegazer" and "gothic rock".
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Oh, and Another Sunny Day's London Weekend is getting a rerelease, with six extra tracks and liner notes by Bob Stanley.
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It took me nigh on twenty years (plus vast improvements in computing power, networking, communications protocols, and disk storage) to finally get to hear the C86. (By contrast, the ten years for Girly Sound was an eyeblink.)

Just curious: How widespread was the C86 itself in the pre-internet era? Beyond the original NME distribution and the word-of-mouth, tape-to-tape dubbings was there any semidecent release available at retail?
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