Hide your wedding video from NASA!
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Houston, we have a problem. It was humankind's crowning achievement, with millions around the world glued to their television sets as US astronaut Neil Armstrong took the first steps on the moon 40 years ago. But in the scientific equivalent of recording an old episode of EastEnders over the prized video of your daughter's wedding day, Nasa probably taped over its only high-resolution images of the first moon walk with electronic data from a satellite or a later manned space mission, officials said today.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This has come up already in the still-open NASA tapes thread from a couple weeks ago. -- cortex

Previously. Wait, what?
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Honestly I can kind of cut them some slack because the idea that something of value could be contained solely as ephemeral information was pretty out there. These guys were pretty ahead of the curve and had a limited budget for storing old tapes. Too bad they never hired an archivist in the first place who would have considered this stuff.

Apparently the NASA tape guys later got jobs as email admins in the Bush White House.
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At least it wasn't because the DRM servers went down.
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