Death Race
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Death Race (NYT) - for the third year, Pittsfield Vermont has hosted a 10 mile endurance run.

Just 10 miles, endurance? Yes - only 18 of 49 entrants finished (some entrants thought it was too easy this year). The 24 hour race includes having to carry 20% of your body weight in rocks up a steep course, splitting logs, crawling under razor wire. And then it gets rough. Video here. There is also an English version (previously).
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I must do this. I start training tomorrow.
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A kid named Scramm is the favorite, but my money's on Ray Garatty.
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Horsemuth, wanna train together? I'm in next year, and will probably get as far as setting my alarm to wake up at 3:30AM for race start and then hitting snooze until 5:30.
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How about I train extra hard and carry you until 5:30?
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Rich people engage in increasing absurdity to convince themselves as well as the rest of us of their intrinsic greatness
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I live in Vermont, which is the state in which this race takes place, so I think we can agree that I'm an expert. Here are some things I know:

1. I was at a party with a guy who participated. Someone who is on a soccer team with him said he raced for about 8 hours.

2. I mentioned this to a guy who works at the gym, who said it was "a bad idea."

That's all.
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I had to wrap my head around why there would need to be a separate English version when it came from Vermont. Especially when the link goes to the New York Times.

I understand now. Guys, there's a race in England just like this. Mystery solved.
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That was one absurdity after another. And then, halfway through, they explain a "peculiar" challenge. How peculiar could it be? Peculiar enough, even in this company.
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Guys, there's a race in England just like this. Mystery solved.

Not only do they have one, a guy did it in a Bruno suit. (#14). Not, not the one he wears for most of the movie. The other one. You learn so very many disturbing things from The Big Picture.
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This I believe is the photo you were looking to link to.
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Marcus Licinius Crassus was one of the richest men in the Roman Republic, but he always had something of an inferiority complex because he had never won a Triumph for a military victory. So at 62 years old, he went to Syria and in pursuit of one. It got him killed at the Battle of Carrhae.

This reminds me of that.
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The course designers, he said, had presented a challenge unfit to be called The Death Race.

“Leave it to these amateurs,” DeSena said. “They set a race up that’s only 12 hours. You let me do it, it’d be 24 hours.”

Not to mention, apparently nobody died.
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Also in VT: the Vermont 100, which is (I believe) the only ultramarathon still run alongside/against horseback riders.
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Dr. E -- I'm actually in Vermont doing the Vermont 100. Race starts in like 20 hours. (Uh oh...)

There's also the Man Against Horse race in Prescott Valley, AZ... but it's "only" 50 miles.
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People, there are easier ways to have yourself declared mentally incompetent!
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I carry 20% of my body weight in rocks up a steep course in my shoes on the way to work, I split logs recreationally and crawl under razor wire to get in and out of my rack...I'll be damned if I could recite the American presidents at 4 in the morning though.
And what's with the egg?
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