Аста ла виста, беби
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Stalin's Secret Weapon - a Russian hobbyist's terminator-esque diorama painstakingly constructed from military action figures. (Via buzz
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duh, ... screwed up the via link - should be buzz (thanks dash_slot-)
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What does the sign say at the end?
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^ To Berlin
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That guy with the green cap is a real bonehead in the tool-use department. I think Arnold is going to have some major flaw that causes him to turn on them and kill them all.
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I learned Cyrillic in a high school Russian class , so I stopped to slowly sound out the last one word comment I saw on the page letter by letter sesame street style. "Супер!!!!!", phonetically is "Super!!!!!!".
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That was awesome.
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Класс! Молодец!
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I was thinking before I got to the end, the best you may be able to do if building a Terminator on the fly out of scrap parts would be to point and tell it go kill those guys.
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The link comes back to me as Ñåðâåð ïåðåãðóæåí, ïîïðîáóéòå çàéòè ïîçæå\

If I go to via, what am I looking for?
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I can't read Cyrillic, but "Ñåðâåð ïåðåãðóæåí, ïîïðîáóéòå çàéòè ïîçæå" looks to me like "This site has been MeFi'd to death."
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I do like the way the newly formed terminator has a swig of vodka before he gets his skin and face.
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This is well done. I like the tiny details, like the officer checking his watch, or the dog absconding with a hand.
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They should have gone with the head with the big nose instead.
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I suspect some of the characters to be actual persons.

Awesome post, juj.
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Well, this completely explains the T-800's Germanic accent. Clearly it was programmed to sound at least vaguely local when asking directions to the Führerbunker.
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Those guys are quite articulated for russians.
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All I'm getting at that first link is this...
Сервер перегружен, попробуйте зайти позже
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I think we're all in trouble now. Great post.
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Non-destroyed link.
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Thanks, zamboni - much better!
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This is a hoot.
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