Dutch Abortion Ship Runs Aground
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Dutch Abortion Ship Runs Aground in a figurative sense. It seems that there are issues with Dutch Law about providing their services off the Irish coast. At least the protests were minimal. Is there really a strong need for International Waters businesses? It makes me wonder what else would fly on a barge-based mall; Look out, Simons! It's the Mall of the Atlantic and we sell EVERYTHING!
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I can just imagine the number of people crusing around chaotically, looking for a close place to tie up their rowboats...
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Don't laugh. Lots of places with VAT sales taxes, e.g. coastal European countries, have "cruises to nowhere" whose sole purpose is to allow duty-free liquor purchases. Swedes regularly "go to Finland" for this purpose, I'm told. They just never get to Finland. (Well, Ă…land, anyway.)

Or is that less of a problem under present EU conditions?
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