Communists infiltrating the Oakland, Calif. teachers union.
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Communists infiltrating the Oakland, Calif. teachers union. The Trotskyites of the Revolutionary Workers League, having branched out from the perpetual student-revolutionary ghetto on the fringes of UC Berkeley (2 miles north of the Oakland city limits), are hungering to grab a bully pulpit and $300,000 a year worth of dues, and are well on their well to controlling the union's executive board.
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Damn Pinko Commies!

Now for even more radical thoughts: The teacher's union (in general, I know nothing of Oakland's Public schools) is a huge obstacle to the proper education of students, maybe this will lead to the unraveling of oakland's teacher's union.
posted by Mick at 12:05 PM on June 15, 2001

Those radical Trotskyites. When I was in college in Portland, a bundle of the Sparticist Youth League came by and tried to recruit the whole debate team. They offered to let us train with their stockpile of guns. We were somewhat frightened of them. In hindsight, we decided that they must have been an FBI front organization.
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Upon reading the first two pages, I thought BAMN sounded like the Sparts. Wouldn’t you know, I wasn’t first one to think that.

Lbo-talk discussed this very same story on their listerv.
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Wow. I'm gonna have to go read What Makes Sammy Run? again.
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