how do you write "loaded" in Sanskrit?
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Drunk Yoga. An age-old practice of healing and mindful positions for the absolutely smashed. (bus stop optional)
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What's this? A land where blog posts evolve from t-shirts?
I kinda preferred the more offensive "Irish Pilates" version.
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Reminds me of this.
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Variations on this theme are available on shirts from Hot Topic and kaboodle, and other sources of wacky t-shirts.
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Ha wow those are some drunk motherfuckers.
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I was so going to post this today. Damn. Oh well, I'll just go back to lying around in a stupor and calling it "zen."
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ROFL (Rolling on the floor, legless)
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I was happy to see no picture of me show up. Funny post!
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You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
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This makes me sad.
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"Drunk Yoda" I thought it shhhaid.
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Perhaps I'm poorly gauging who these photos are of but this seems like LOLHOMELESSALCOHOLICS.
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Ah yes, though they missed such classics as:

The Sundowner Salut!

The How Come That Staff Has Four Limbs?

The Bharav-...Bhravjada...Bharva-...Bhradjav-...Bhavjardle Twist

The Legless Down The Wall

The Standing Forward Sway Followed By The Curiously Authentic-Looking Run And Faceplant Into Shrubbery

The Head-To-Knee Forward Retch

And the Downward-Facing Oh God Here It Comes Oh Jesus Please Don't Let Me-*BLLAAAARRGH!*

Finally, to wind down, the Crumpled Heap On The Bathroom Floor With Sharpie Moustache And Dicks.
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Bastards! (No shocker here) Hot Topic ripped off a shirt I've had for several years, bought it in Maine ages ago.

Also, turgid dahlia just made my morning with that list.
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