The FBI looks Beyond Survival for law enforcement officers
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The May 2009 issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin has a special focus: "Beyond Survival," helping law enforcement officers to do more than survive in their careers.

The FBI's Law Enforcement Bulletin ordinarily contains articles like Searching cell phones seized incident to arrest, It's all about them: Tools and Techniques for Interviewing and Human Source Development, or The Computer as Significant Other
(derail fodder:"Essentially, cybercentric individuals still believe the childhood fantasy that anyone can fulfill even their wildest dreams.")

But the May 2009 issue is different:
To discuss these vital concerns, an eclectic assembly of law enforcement professionals, academics, and members of the clergy came together under the auspices of the FBI Academy's Behavioral Science Unit for the first annual Beyond Survival: Wellness Practices for Wounded Warriors conference. During a week of intense and stimulating debate, the group wrestled with many weighty matters. This focus issue contains articles from five of the members that offer a wide range of ideas. These articles represent a significant departure from the normal fare presented in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and may come as a surprise. However, if approached in the same vein of open-mindedness as this issue is offered, readers should find the contents enlightening.
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There's more to it than getting together in a bar afterward, drinking shot after shot of Jameson, and help Bunk score with a lady?
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The "helping Bunk score" part aside, that pretty much describes the ideal after-hours routine for anyone who works with the public for a living.
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Group Magic: An Inquiry Into Experiences of Collective Resonance
Interview with Ginger Charles, Police Sergeant, Arvada, CO (author of the 4th article)
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Astro Zombie: don't forget 'drunk dialing your ex'
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*Come quick! Timmy's fallen down the wellness!!!
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I enjoyed the kids pages. I did indeed Help Bobby Bureau Go Undercover!

P.S. Interesting!
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