Cambridge in Color
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An excellent resource on every aspect of digital photography, from sensor technology to general techniques to Photoshop tweaking. Previously mentioned here, but the site has expanded a lot since 2005.
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I've finally taken the plunge and jumped both feet first into digital SLRs. I got myself a Nikon D60 twin lens kit (VR version). I've just bought myself a 35mm f/1.8 lens (it's a natural lens on a DX sensor) which I pick up on Saturday. Very excited as I want to get into long exposure night photography. :)
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I only got to look through this for a few seconds, but this is absolutely a brilliant resource, from what I've already seen.

I like that it's laid out intelligently and appears to be very comprehensive. Thanks for this.
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Talez: I"m a Canon shooter, but welcome! Everything from here on out is *expensive*!
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very good link, thank you.
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I've been keeping an eye on these for years. He doesn't update often, but when he does, it's always great stuff about how to get the absolute most out of your equipment.
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Bookmarked! For probably January. *sigh* Thanks!
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Thanks so much for this resource. I am making a stop motion film and this site will be so very helpful.
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Wow, this is really excellent. After playing with my Canon 30D, one of my coworkers just went out and picked herself a 50D (which I plan on stealing because it's low light capabilities are unreal), I've been showing her all sorts of things that her camera can do, but I think that just giving her this link will go a long way towards having her understand her expensive new toy.

Hell, it's worth it just for the clear explanation of what RAW files are, and why they can be useful.
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i read the link as "every aspect of digital pornography" and was hoping for an expose on the internet porn industry. too bad.
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One day, I will own a dSLR. One day when they are much cheaper and I have more money. Until then, I'm satisfied with my Ricoh GR Digital II.

Thanks for the resource!
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Is there anyone out there who is _not_ a photographer these days?
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The images on that website are long-time favourites of mine, especially the first one of the doors from New Court to the Backs. One funny thing is that the website uses "colour", the title here is "color" and the photographer is American. It's all so mixed up.
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No, Poagao. Why would there be? Everybody sees cool stuff, and the ability to reproduce things we see has been valued since before humans were humans.
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