It's a concerto with a cat. So it's a CATcerto.
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Mindaugas Piečaitis has performed his "CATcerto," an original score written to accompany Nora The Piano Cat's piano improvisation. Here's the video of kitty with orchestra.

Please don't show it to Uter the weiner dog. It'd make him feel terrible.
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Pretty excellent harmonization/orchestration on the part of the composer, although I noticed that some cutting and splicing had been put used to repeat certain parts of the cat's improv and thus create a bit of musical form. Nonetheless, I'm impressed with how he managed to fit most of the cat's stray keystrokes into an extended diatonic framework (i.e., "conventional" Western major/minor harmony with added notes, rapid key shifts, chromaticism).
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10 min edit window pony, plz?
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It's a concerto with a cat. So it's a CATcerto.
Oh come on. If anything, having a cat as the soloist is significantly less impressive than the standard of having a conch as the soloist.
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damn you jbickers! now i'm thinking about getting a piano & putting my 4 lazy cats to work!
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inb4 keyboard cat joke
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The original \b\tard played a Katzenklavier.
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That was really well done! I was a bit disappointed that the cat video was edited, but there were probably good musical reasons to do so, as LMGM said.

It reminded me of this. [caution: contains Palin.]
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The Catcerto and Palinade (linked above) are two of the best pieces of contemporary music I've heard in while. Sometimes I think Debussy had a cat providing similar inspiration.
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I was hoping for keyboard cat concerto.
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Palinade--the delicious, all-natural, 100% Palin juice drink!
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(Also I really enjoyed this. Thanks.)
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The Cat Concerto (1946)
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My bad -- somebody swapped out the soundtrack on that one for a different piano piece. I suppose that's what I get for trusting YouTube... here's the video with the original audio.
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Wow, should have listened to my wife when she told me to record the ferret running over the keyboard... shoulda listened...
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Not snark: There are several points in the piece when that cat's posture and attitude toward the keys are intensely reminiscent of Glenn Gould.

(Also, I had the same thought as Flunkie, except with con[victs] instead of conches. But if modern marketers had been around during the early history of these forms, we probably wouldn't find the term "catcerto" remarkable at all. "Mozart's new Horncerto is superb! I simply must attend his next drawingroominar.")
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There's something very cool about this.

*gives standing ovation*
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Charming caturday smiles on Sunday. A treat. Thanks.
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I just found that Op 11 rendition by Cory Arcangel myself and was about to post it independently, not realizing this thread existed. Yo, cat classical music fans, you must must must check out the Schoenberg-played-by-cats. It transcends goofy to become compellingly good art.

I think it's so good it's a shame fewer Mefites will see it down here. Sigh.
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Also that catcerto cat -- Nora -- IS Glenn Gould. Or was Gould also sticking something nice between the keys and then trying to snort it while he played?

You made me laugh No-sword.
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