Boy meets guru, boy loses guru
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An American Sadhu - A seeking of holiness, resulting in disillusionment and abandonment. A very good read about one man's experience meeting a guru and his disciple, and ultimately coming full circle to "you get the guru you deserve".
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this is great thanks. I love seeing these bits of cultural ephemera floating around the cyberspace..
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This was an enjoyable read, for sure. Thanks.

What's up with the author self-censoring words like "sex," "naked," or "gay?"
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What's up with the author self-censoring words like "sex," "naked," or "gay?"

From the index page of the author's Sadhus & Yogis site:
There are some words I cannot write in full or in the normal way anymore, because these generate unwanted interest via search engines on the internet.
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Great story, thanks.

When I came back to my hotel that night, I cut the bracelet from my wrist. It was worn and dirty, not g@y anymore.

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Means gay in the original, Enid Blyton sense of the word; bright and cheerful.
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I'm curious about the “white stone” substance mentioned in the story. It was mixed with water, surreptitiously applied to an aluminum coin, causing the coin to “magically” disintegrate in the person's closed hand. Would the substance contain some form of mercury? Mercury can cause a continuous and rapid oxidization of aluminum to powder. Other ideas?
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Weird - two Sadhu posts in one day.
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skenfrith: i'm betting caustic soda is involved somehow.
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Religious hucksterism not a uniquely western phenomenon. News at 11.
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^ Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) applied to aluminum would create aluminum salt, water, and hydrogen gas. I suppose potassium hydroxide or another suitable alkali would work, too. Citrus and vinegar can cause a similar reaction to a lesser degree. I'm not sure if the alkali cleaners or acids would cause the rapid oxidation represented in the coin trick, though.
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I wonder if he gets tired of people chasing after him because he's white. I got some of that when I was a Chinese Nationalist soldier. :P
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