A freak solar event "sterilizes" the half of the planet (people, animals, etc) facing the sun. What happens?
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The Power of Posterity This is a really interesting idea, what would happen if half of the world is unable to procreate as a result of a freak solar event. The consensus in this article is that humanity will breakdown and we will be reduced to living for today’s pleasures since we no longer need to worry about future generations. Is posterity really the underling motivating factor in our lives?—this also sounds like the storyline for a summer blockbuster.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Eh, David Brooks padding out a guest column with some middling chatfilter probably isn't really worth its own post. -- cortex

Something like this, perhaps.
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"Perhaps" is the best anyone can do because no one knows how people will react to such an event. Seems like filler.
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Who's Luke Russert Jr.?
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People might focus on living for the moment, valuing the here and now.

I think that's a fair prediction; certainly, I would seize the opportunity to kill David Brooks and eat his heart, so that I might gain his intelligence, charisma, and vague unease about immigration.
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The people who could still make babies would just make twice as many, selling their services to the other half of the planet.
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Also, the vasectomy business might suffer a little.
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It's an interesting idea; too bad David Brooks can't write anything interesting about it. Life's about posterity? You don't say.
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Every day, David Brooks checks another blog "which is famous for its erudite authors" (because he doesn't read non-erudite blogs) to see what he can steal from it to write another of his boring columns. News at 11.
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Well, we would probably not worry about how to format a FPP link, 'cuz we would be like "who cares" about it and everything, we're all going to die anyway.
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Please. David Brooks pretending to be a sociologist again. He makes shit up.

I'll never forget his famous reference to the "kind of people who visit the salad bar at Applebees," supposedly the kind of people we coastal elites don't know.

But of course, there is no salad bar at any Applebees. If he were the man of red-state America he sometimes pretends to be, or the translator of Real American Values for the coastal elites, he would have known that.

He is a moronic twit.
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An interesting question arises – will this lead to an increase or a decrease, or possible an unchangecrease, in buttsecks?
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My favorite quote from the editorial:

Bob Herbert is off today.

Explains a lot. Think about it, bitches.
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Ok, the Human Project gives this great, big dinner for all the scientists and sages in the world. They're tossing around theories about the ultimate mystery: why are all the women infertile? Why can't we make babies anymore? So, some say it's genetic experiments, gamma rays, pollution, same ol', same ol'. So, anyway, in the corner, this Englishman's sitting, he hasn't said a word, he's just tuckin' in his dinner. So, they decide to ask him, they say, "Well, why do you think we can't make babies anymore?" And he looks up at 'em, he's chewin' on this great big wing and he says "I haven't the faintest idea," he said, "but this stork is quite tasty isn't he?"
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The consensus in this article is...

Consensus: When the voices in David Brooks' head are all saying the same thing.
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Something involving creases, to be sure.
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I remain extremely fertile. Here, I'll show you. Trust me.
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Hey, I'm writing that book! I'm not using a solar event, but environmental poisoning. Also, those affected are still a reasonable small number (20-25% of men) at the time of my book ... nobody steal my idea! (It's not really the main plot, though it does remain important throughout ... I say no more!)

What poppo says is true, assuming the other half could still procreate twice as much. Babies would be worth their weight in gold.
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If millions of immigrants were brought over, they would populate the buildings but not perpetuate the culture. Rapidly-breeding islamofascists will overwhelm us because We rely on this strong, invisible and unacknowledged force — these millions of unborn people we will never meet but who give us the gift of our way of life. the west is full of narcissistic liberal baby killers.
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