If you found a dead whale, how would you dispose of the body?
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When whales die: Yesterday, a 20-30 foot whale washed up a shore in New Jersey. Officials are going to deal with it by cutting it up into small parts and burying it. In previous incidents, officials tried to explode it into bits that were meant to fall in the ocean and get eaten by seagulls, but that didn't work out [YT] so well, especially for nearby spectators. Even if you want to let it decompose naturally, you have to be careful for spontaneous explosions due to gassy buildup. Especially when transporting it in busy city streets. Oops. When whales die in the ocean, on the other hand, their bodies eventually fall to the sea floor and can start mini ecosystems, where female pink glowstick-like sea worms that harbor the male pink glowstick sea worms inside their bodies live, eat whale bones, and propagate. (Previously on Metafilter: Taiwan explosion)
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Huh. That's near where I grew up. A couple weeks ago one of the local papers reported that people had seen a whale very close in to shore off Sea Bright. Wonder if it was the same one, and had been sick a while.
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Does this post have a fucking porpoise?
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First, be smart from the very beginning. Pulverize all teeth, burn off fingerprints, and disfigure the face...

...then stuff them inside a whale carcass and blow it up.

Done and done.
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This is why I am happy that MetaFilter does not allow images to be displayed.
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This is why the img tag needs to be brought back ... oh
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This is what it sounds like when whales die.
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Some talented MeFite needs to write a song called "When Whales Die" to the tune of Prince's "When Doves Cry." That MeFite is not me.
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Dang it. I can't look at the video right now, permafrost. Did you just make the same joke?
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How can u just leave me bloating?
Alone on a beach that's so cold? (So cold)
Maybe I'm just decomposing
Maybe I'm just like my father 2 moldy
Maybe you're just like my mother
She never putrified (She never putrified)
Why do we bream at each other
This is what it sounds like
When whales die
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Not quite, no.
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a 20-30 foot whale

Is it oscillating, or do the news media in NJ not know where to find a tape measure?
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There is Portland TV station that has footage of the disastrous effects of blowing up a beached whale from about 20 years ago. Perhaps a copy should be sent to all states that have a coast.
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They never told me that the worms glowed.
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Banky_Edwards: Thank you! The Asylum Street Spankers do a remake of that song on their kids album, and I've been scratching my head for quite some time now trying to remember where I'd heard/seen it before.
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Please, getting rid of a dead body in New Jersey can't be that hard.

I know a guy in "waste management" that'll be glad to solve your dead whale problems, for a small fee of course.
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We see the effect...but this may be a possible cause

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I would lift it by dirigible to the top of a mountain and leave it to become a bone chapel in which I would carve scenes from the life of the whale and from the whale in literature.

Or I would tow it out to sea.
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pracowity: Or I would tow it out to sea.

Seriously, all the tugs in the NYC/NJ port area, and they can't spare a single one to tow this thing out to sea? How could chopping it up and burying it *possibly* be a better use of taxpayer dollars, or of the carcass?
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This sounds like a job for WhySharksMatter and his posse!
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A dead whale made the news here recently. They decided to just put it back where it came from.
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The worms are the latest discovery in a branch of biology focused on the life that springs up on sunken whale carcasses. These carcasses — “whale falls,” in science-speak — dot the ocean floor and sustain colorful and mysterious oases of life
I first read that as "Whale Fails"
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It's ok to dump toxic waste into the sea, but don't even think about dumping a dead whale there! That would be wrong!
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Awesome post.

Whale Fall.
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Whale Fall.
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I think the science behind Postroad's link is pretty well accepted:
The case even made it to the US Supreme Court, who didn't deny the science, but who unfortunately thought it was more important to defer to the military.
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i'd like to die that way :P glowstick worms!
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I like whales... but they've got to go.
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If a whale-fall is "equivalent, in food content, to thousands of years of life-sustaining carbon particles," then I wonder what a Brontosaurus-fall would have been like.
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whale fall > brontosaurus fall
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Fail Whale.
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Yeah, why not just tow it out to sea? Even in pieces, it would at least be of use to the rest of the ocean.
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Burhanistan: "... easy fix on the surface ..."

I sea what you did there!

that was pretty abyss-mal, wasn't it?
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I find the exploding whale on the beach news story to be one of, if not THE funniest I've ever seen. I first saw it years ago on some Inside Edition type show and had managed to record most of it on a VHS tape, then I'd see it pop every now and then on the internet. A different version each time but you could always tell the eyewitnesses were trying not to laugh while retelling the story.

This is the first time I've seen the original newscast and its easily the best - "soon to become land BLUBBER newsman for the blast blasted blubber beyond all believable bounds". So good.
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They're saying it might have been hit by a boat -- a shame.
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The exploding whale in the pictures upthread *appears* to have exploded through the back, odd unless something struck and damaged it there. In fact, I always wondered why the science guys thought it was a grand idea to drag a bloated whale through a busy town center without first breaking out the pointy stick.
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i'd like to die that way :P glowstick worms!

Other names for these industrious little dudes include Bone-eating Snot Flower, which frankly doesn't have quite the same attraction.
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So, every option that might seem like a easy fix on the surface has its share of obstacles that are quite difficult to surmount.

OK. Then we're back to the plan with the dirigible and the mountain.
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Dead whales occasionally washing up on campus is why going to a beach university was awesome.
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Not many people know this but - fittingly, in my opinion - the notorious American eugenicist Charles Davenport (he died in 1944) was killed by a rotting whale.

His career had long gone up the spout so he was passing his retirement, in part, as the curator of a Long Island whaling museum. He was trying to boil the stinking flesh off the skull of a locally beached killer whale in an outdoor shed one January, caught pneumonia - and expired.

(He'd attended staff meetings right up to his death & the stench of boiled, decaying whale meat in his hair and clothes was so puke making - no one would sit near him.)
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Great post. Thanks!
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