China pops back a collective Beano.
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China pops back a collective Beano. (NY Times link. Free registration required.) One of Bush's main objections to the Kyoto protocol is China's exemption from regulation, but it seems they're doing their collective best to cut down on CO2 emissions, with success. Even with China's rapid rate of expansion, this weakens our administration's argument a bit by setting forward the number of years it will take China to match our own emissions. At what point do we start to play nice with the other kids?
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As long as leftists continue to be unable to phrase the issue purely in terms of Kyoto, the answer will remain the same: There are no kids to play nice with here. Kyoto is dead. It was stillborn, actually. It has been dead since the day it was created, halfway back through Clinton's second term. Nobody has ratified it except Romania, a country that would have been pretty much exempt from any Kyoto restrictions anyway. (Easy to say yes to something you don't have to pay for.) The only thing special about Bush on this issue is that he had the guts to admit so out loud.

If China is slowing its CO2 output, great for them. But it doesn't have anything to do with Kyoto. And it's obvious from this article that the Chinese are not accomplishing anything special that Big Evil America is too arrogant to try; they're merely doing now what we did decades ago: Implementing the technology to burn coal more cleanly. That technology can only be implemented once, and relatively soon China's CO2 output is going to go right back up; the article states so clearly.

All in all, a big nothing.
posted by aaron at 2:16 PM on June 16, 2001

dong_resin : At what point do we start to play nice with the other kids?

only when we absolutely have to. maybe only when it's the the most economical alternative (and eventually, alternate sources of power will be cheaper than petroleum - but probably not in my lifetime.)

aaron: The only thing special about Bush on this issue is that he had the guts to admit so out loud.

I agree. I don't know what gore would have done, but clinton had pretty much ignored the kyoto agreement. as I understand it, congress would never have ratified it. - rcb
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Aaron's right on this. You don't have to be a supporter of Bush's energy policy (I'm not) to see it.
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Dude, I just have to say: Great headline title. You should write copy for the Times...
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Yep: China's basically reprising what happened in Britain in the 1950s, for reasons which are as much local as global. In short, if you're going to build up the cities, you have to make them liveable-in.

And yes, Kyoto was stillborn. Let's get a new set of negotiations started.
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I don't disagree with any of aaron's points, nor, for the record, am I patently anti-Bush. Perhaps the Kyoto protocol wasn't the best jump off for this thought, but what the article made me wonder is are we, as the big boys in this particular situation, really trying to work with the other counties to control CO2 emissions? I get the sense we're putting it off because it's contrary to our lifestyles, and hence, inconvenient.

Also, thank you Tweebiscut, but they wouldn't let me say "fuck" enough. :)
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At what point do we start to play nice with the other kids?

i don't know, maybe when america runs out of x (oil, water, whatever) and desperately needs it from an area where a diversionary war *desert storm* can't be justified to the american populace.

or possibly when the rest of the world realises that one country has exploited and divided them, and finally stands up to uncle sam.
posted by will at 10:06 PM on June 16, 2001

imagine the ozone in china in 10-17 years with G.M. supplying cars (factories) and the need for about 150,000,000 new refrigerators. soon, cigarette smoke will be a slice in the monoxide emissions pie chart. I'm sorry, the modern appliance household cannot be attained in China in its present form. (to make you Californians ticked, we pay about 120$ and run alot of watts, two fridges, central air, cryon unit for gramps, hydroponics, swingset/tesla coil) The oil rig has about 30 years left at current consumption rates and METHODS in obtaining said black gold(i asked my geo prof around 90'-91'.) If you can afford to lease a vehicle, you probably driving a hydro/electric in 4-5 years(wide scale, 20-40%) So pony up the venture for recharging infra. I bought some crap tape measure at the $ store. Made in China. Hell for 2$ we could make these suckers twice as good, this thing is plastic junk, screw stripped from some poor chap turning a driver for 14 hrs. Hey your $ is your vote in my book.
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