Talking Cards
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Used as postcards and for advertising, phono postcards were a single-sided phonograph record stuck on a card with a hole punched through. The Weco cards stand out with their use of photography (with the clothes sometimes painted on) and see-through vinyl.
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Wow, this is awesome. I had never even heard of these, although I still have a few treasured flexi-discs.
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I remember the flexible records that used to come in comic books and magazines, but never saw these postcards before. Really interesting stuff!
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I had completely forgotten about these. They were great. They also used to sometimes print cardboard "records" on cereal boxes.
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Some 50 years later, synthesized speech is recorded as a magazine insert. I wonder how well these most flexible of recordings hold up (my copy of this Bell Labs speech synth sample is sitting at home, unplayed, for fear of damaging it).
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The Internet Museum of FLEXI/CARDBOARD/ODDITY Records. (via WFMU)
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Yes, what nax said. I remember playing the record of "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies that came on the back of the Sugar Smacks box.

On my Close 'n' Play. YES I AM OLD AND PROUD OF IT.
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Ha, I just bought two phono-postcards originally issued for the 1962 World's Fair at the Space Needle the other day (old stock still lying around, I guess?).

They are awesome, but I don't know if I dare play them on anything.
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Waxing lyrical about flexi 45s and 33 1/3s — these are 78s!
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I write UUENCODE'd MP3s by hand onto postcards.

begin 640 hello.mp3
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"...but I don't know if I dare play them on anything."

The thing you play them on.
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You can hear some samples here, AaronRaphael. After listening I wouldn't think you'd be tempted to hear the whole thing.
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