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Internet Mapping Project l slide-showl more about it here. Please draw a map of the internet, as you see it. Indicate your "home". You can download a blank PDF here and email it to [Kevin Kelly] when done.

In posting the images on Flickr I suggested that they would make great fodder for a creative scholar. Much to my surprise two days later, a professor in Argentina wrote the first paper with a first attempt to classify this initial set of maps.

Other innovative mapping of the internet: The xkcd internet and online communities map. Data-Visualization maps. The Dmoz tree map of the whole internet. The DIMES map and related site. Mapping movements/feelings within the internet.
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Some of these are really cool.
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Disturbingly Vonnegutian
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Another internet mapping project from Bell Labs in 1998-1999. More from The Opte Project (from your data visualization link.
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Some of those made me stop and think. It's a neat idea.
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This reminds me of the web trend map, but more personal.
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*briefly contemplates a line-drawing recreation of goatse, with an arrow pointing at a small dot deep in the colorectal abyss marked 'ME', then realizes it may be misinterpreted*
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Neat. There's a similar idea of mental mapping for understanding how people view cities or the places that they live.
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