Amazing Robot Dexterity
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Astounding robotics demo featuring three dribbling, catching, stick-twirling fingers from the future, but right now
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I know all I ever do is repost hackaday entries but this is so good it'll make your jaw drop.
posted by mhjb at 12:34 AM on August 1, 2009

wow, this is kinda freaky. It shows that when robotics is mature, robots will operate on a completely different timescale.
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Yesterday's penny arcade strip touches on the timescale thing.
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I foresee amazing new vibrators that will make me (more) obsolete.
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Boo-ya patch in progress for v2 release.
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I for one &c &c &c
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For Boo-ya, there's Topio.
It's got a laughably long way to go for its goal of being able to play serious table tennis, but that's what they said about chess-playing computers 50 years ago.
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remember how the only thing left of the first Terminator was a hand, right?

and the only thing we see in these videos is a hand, right?

think about it
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Wow. In the future, all robots will be flipping us off during their dog-and-pony demos. AMAZING!

No seriously, this is impressive. Robotic hands are very difficult problems. it is a little bit dog-and-pony (what else can this hand do? Play the piano? Type 200 WPM? Impatiently tap fingers on a table VERY FAST?) but the speed of the movement -- coupled with what appears to be a vision system integrated with it? -- is pretty cool.
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More robot dexterity: Robots arms pitching and hitting baseballs (YouTube video).
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robots will operate on a completely different timescale.

Also that in a robot, you can make a "hard" problem easier by throwing faster hardware at it, which effectively makes it happen slower.
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whatever. that robot dribbles some balls big deal. somebody has to give it the ball and it's floppin' all around and just manages to somehow hit the ball a few times before woah! WTF robot the ball gets away on you and what do you do? you just sit there like a little bitch because your ball isn't there anymore because you suck and do you go after it NO you useless legless bitch you just sit there and go WTF and wait until someone else gives you something you suck robot.
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I am reminded of the clip in the District 9 trailer where the robot catches the shoulder-launched missile (at 01:57). Plausible.

Also, jeffj, your penny-arcade link is a perfect underscore of the timescale issue.
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Cybraphon even tweets.
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Holy hell. This brought the fact that the world that I live in twenty years from now is going to be completely different than anything I can imagine right now. It really is going to be the future soon.
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The more interesting thing is how many things aren't at "electronic" speeds now. How long does it take for a flash drive to show up after you plug it in? Why isn't it instant?
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robot news blog.
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But can he bust a move?
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I love this and and all the other super-amazing robot threads now existing or that will soon exist in that amaaaaaazing future we call The Future.
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so combine this with a robot that can run and let the games begin :P

also re: district 9, is anyone else reminded of that embassy vfx demo awhile back!?
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