Digital Renaissance: Convergence? I Diverge.
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Digital Renaissance: Convergence? I Diverge. MIT's Director of the Program in Comparative Media Studies, Henry Jenkins, speaks about the different aspects of "Convergence." Working at a large multinational company who is banking on "convergence" for future success, and yet skeptical about "convergence" personally, I welcome MeFiers to post their opinions on Jenkins' differentiation of "convergence" and what you think will be powerful or popular in the near future. Taken from Tomalak's Realm.
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It's obvious that media convergence is not only imminent, but when it arrives, it'll be through video games.

Haven't you seen the PlayStation(tm) 9 commercials?
posted by precocious at 12:09 PM on June 17, 2001

Well, if you buy the launch issue of eDesign magazine, you'll be able to read an article on "convergence devices" that I co-authored ;)

The conclusion, if you pardon the extended quotation:

With the divergence of consumer preference set to take precedence over the convergence of technologies, appliance makers are now having to target specific psychographic markets with customisible modules, personalised downloads -- and yes, with color faceplates, LEDs and stickers. The key to acceptance in designing future generations of appliances, then, is to covet that kind of user-driven functionality, rather than to lock users into a manufacturer's agenda.

In short, convergence may be a back-office aspiration, achieved through syndication and other protocols for content management, but end-user delivery will be about discrimination. The "one big black box" won't be in the home, but the server room.
posted by holgate at 12:37 PM on June 17, 2001

Holgate- is eDesign going to be readily available in the USA?
posted by gen at 8:24 PM on June 17, 2001

gen: it's based out of New York, so you're more likely to see a copy of it than me. ;)
posted by holgate at 5:59 AM on June 18, 2001

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