Heath is alive like Tupac
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The music video for Modest Mouse's new track King Rat was released today. Interestingly, it was directed by Heath Ledger two years ago, and released posthumously. Apparently, there's another one coming up. It has described as looking "like exactly the kind of thing that someone might come up with after spending a couple of months rocking Joker makeup and pretending to mutilate people." The video contains a little cartoon goriness, so be warned.
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Sorry, the video you're trying to access is not available in your country. (Canada)
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I like the video. I really want to like MM's new music.
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Neither Heath nor Tupac will have anything on Jacko once he starts releasing new dead albums. Just you wait.
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Yeah, not available here (Norway). And anyway: Don't make a MySpace link the only thing worthwhile in your post and then bury it in a bunch of Wikipedia links and YouTubes.
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That was a cool video. I was a little annoyed by it at first, but then it became suitably creepy.
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I'm always impressed by bands who place their music in the hands of a director with a unique, and sometimes visionary, video idea - something that may be very far from that of the motivations the musician had when creating the song in the first place. Bjork is probably the best example of such an artist.
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Wow does that song suck.
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Works here, for me.
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I liked the song and was creeped the fuck out by the video. Well done. I will never trust a pet seal again.
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Wow. Video was amazing.

As someone who liked, but never loved MM, I have to say I'm digging this new track. Feels like he's letting his inner Tom Waits out at last.

Is Johnny Marr still with MM, or was that just a passing thing?
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That was both adorable and horrifying. Thanks!
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Feels like he's letting his inner Tom Waits out at last.

A lot of the stuff off of Brock's side project reminded me of Tom Waits.
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My daily bout of "Oh God I really should be a vegetarian, I'm so sorry!" has been satisfied, thank you. Sudden craving for fish sticks.
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I love modest mouse. [Defending this. Defending that. Minimalism. Such and such.]

However, I do enjoy eating fish.
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i love modest mouse. i didn't find the video that creepy at first and i wasn't sure what you were all talking about. until that one whale pulled out the harpoon. and even then, for a second or so i was like, wait, what is he going to
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What is with Modest Mouse and the fishermen theme in their videos?
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Human surimi. mmmmm.
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Loved the video, but am totally, totally lukewarm on the song. I guess that would be a +1 for Heath Ledger and a 0 for Modest Mouse.
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Even though the new EP, No One's First and You're Next is a collection of B-side singles and "nearly-not-cut" tracks from the last couple of albums, it doesn't disappoint. Also, this song is possibly the strongest on the EP, take that for what you will. And though the hardcore indie rockers hate Satellite Skin claiming it's too radio friendly, it's probably my second favorite. Or maybe Whale Song. Hard to say, they are all so darn good.

ps, love the video. deliciously disturbing and pretty well captures the much of the mood of modest mouse.

***disclaimer: I think Modest Mouse is the best band in the world. ***
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