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Confused about the world of Templar, Az? (Previously), and its three-books of world-building? Well, i09 gives you a run through of the major plots, cults, and sub-cultures that inhabit the comic's alternate history Arizona. Or maybe you should just start at the beginning.
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I read Templar until about midway through chapter two, but I lost track and the new strips just confound me. That IO9 thing really didn't help :).
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I was into Templar, Arizona before it was cool. I have the three books, but more than that, I have early mini-comics drawn by Spike. Stuff she will disavow at a moments notice. I owned a "Sassy Cavy" t-shirt. Probably still do, but the design's all fucked from repeated washing. I was there from PAGE ONE when it was on Girlamatic. I have read all of "Sparkneedle". I read "Lucas and Odessa". I interviewed Spike for Kittysneezes, damn it. I WAS THERE FIRST.

And I'm glad others are finding it too. In a few more years, Spike will be frickin' famous. I will then travel to Comic-Con with a copy of "Al and Gideon Visit Ethnoslavia" and ask for it to be signed. Then, all hell shall break loose.
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I read this comic regularly, but I still have no idea what the hell is going on.
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SansPoint: Somewhere, on a computer backup circa 1998, I have pictures of Ben when he was a panda.

When I discovered Templar a couple years ago, I was stoked to see her art again. Visually, it's all wonderful. But I found it hard to penetrate the walls of text on many of the pages. I gave up somewhere around part two. I loved the Sincerists, though, the faction that wears little cloth hearts on their sleeves, and speaks their real emotions, no matter blunt or selfish they are. Brilliant.
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Lately she's been doing Ustreams of some of her comic clean-up or inking - they're usually at terrible hours for the East Coast, so I only catch them rarely - and they are hilarious.

On a personal anecdote note, though: I preordered book 1 and paid extra for a sketch inside mine. It was like she'd read my mind from my one-word suggestion. It was awesome.
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I tried reading the comic, but pretty much all the characters with any action are so dislikeable that I find myself wishing the big build up is a nuke
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Watching spike work is good fun and man, does she have webcomic gossip.
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Templar works best if you save up for a month or three and read them all in a go.
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Spike also once mummified her (dead) pet rat.
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Xenophage? OK. So completely a giantess-fetish in-joke, and the female lead cements the impression... and no, I won't tell you how I know. Ask Tarrantino and/or Burton, instead.
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Yay, Spike!
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Sweet. Now I know how to mummify a rat. Thanks for the heads up, Whelk.
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