"Dog Child" Rescued
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"Dog Child" Rescued An 11-year-old Chilean boy who has been living in the wild with a pack of dogs was rescued and taken to a hospital. He survived by drinking the milk of a female dog and eating scraps of food. (Even more amazing is the tale of the boy who was raised by monkeys and rescued in 1991...)
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Dog child "rescued".
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Dog child "rescued."
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No, really--those are both very inspirational (and neat) links. I'd heard about the monkey boy, and have a particular fondness for him.

I feel rather bad for the "dog child," though. Though the transition from ape to human society must have been difficult for the little monkey dude, surely it's far easier than going from feeding off of a wild dog's teat to drinking from a glass.
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I can't for the movie version of this story. Say, Haley Joel Osment as the Dog Child, and Lassie as the Dog mother. How about "Artificial Animal Intelligence" for the movie title and "Who let Alex out" as the movie theme song?

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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really, the most touching story is that of bat boy.
posted by sugarfish at 3:29 PM on June 18, 2001

whatever happened to monkeyboy?

a: he became homeless like the rest of the dotcommies when his swedish site design company fell thru.

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Reminds me of the story Lenny Bruce used to tell about a boy raised by wild dogs. He was gradually breought into human society but got killed chasing a car and biting at its tires.
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They already did a movie about monkeyboy.
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"Mah-zeur, Fah-zeur, Fah-mee-lee. FAH-MEE-LEE!"
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