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The Curse of Cheddar Bay and Boy Toyz. Utter nonsense which I thought pretty funny. Double link Youtube, both created by the same people.
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I remember watching the first video a few months ago. It started off slow, and then built to hilarity. The second video almost lost me. Then the line with the girl and the hair shaking and the fighting using the tikey bikeys as weapons sold it. Thanks for the post.
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Man, Cheddar Bay. The more I watch it the more I love it. Now the opening shot of Red Lobster is enough to crack me up.
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Sometimes you wait on drunk business men, sometimes crazed sea captains with harpoons. . . . but the tips are never enough to make it worth the . . .never
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Given a slightly higher budget that Toy Boyz trailer would not be significantly distinguishable from 4 Fast 4 Furious or the like to be sure it wasn't real.
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Toronto/Orlando was pretty hilarious right there.
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