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Steampunk is OK, but I prefer Victorian Lowbrow.
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Spooktacular! Something tells me I'm going to buy way more posters than I have available space for.
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I can't wait until 150 years in the future, when we're all outfitting our teleportation units with avacado green shag carpeting.
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This is really creepy, in a good way. How did she get her hands on all these Victorian funeral director accoutrements? For Discriminating and Quality Seeking Morticians!
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Sweet. Do you like Edward Gorey?
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If you like that sort of thing with a bit more surrealism, you may also get a kick out of London-based artist Dan Hillier.
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Has anyone told Gorey Doctorow about this?
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Oi! That's roight up me alley, that is!

And for sixpence you can go right up me alley too, gents!

But seriously Oi'm obsessed wi' victorian prostitutes and will 'appily subscribe to your lit'rary magazine.
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I didn't see (might've missed it) music.
(Although I like the century mash-up type stuff. Y'know, guy in a stiff collared tuxedo standing ramrod straight in a parlor, waxed handlebar mustache, pomaded hair, maybe a closet uranian, hands tightly clasped at the solar plexus, stern look on his face, singing a capella 'Play that Funky Music' and turning his head about to each person gathered in the parlor to regale them)
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Being that Ashleigh is a friend of mine, I could not have created this FFP.

My first encounter with Ashleigh was indirect, as Mike Hoy of Loompanics wanted illustrations for the article I wrote for his catalog. Only later did I learn it was Ashleigh who did the illustrations. At that time, she signed her work with just a symbol; an equilateral triangle with a slash through it.

When I joined the sideshow, Ashleigh designed our first major logo, which was used for posters and later t-shirts. One of Ashleigh's later logos is seen on the shirt that Kim Thayil is wearing.

After I left the sideshow, Ashleigh married Jan Gregor, who is the author of the definitive book about our adventures on the sideshow. She illustrated Jan's book.

Ashleigh did tattooing for a time, and started the puzzle-piece design on Paul Lawrence, aka The Enigma. If you have seen the X-files episode Humbug, you have seen a bit of Ashleigh's work.

She recently got some very good press in Fortean Times magazine. Impressive too, is that she taught herself web design, and at a time when many "underground" artists were eschewing the Internet.

I'm glad that her wonderful website was discovered, as it's obviously Metafilter worthy.
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-FatherDagon, I can vouch for the excellent quality of the posters.

-John, I'm a huge Gorey fan, and visited the house a few years back. Only the outside was closed that day.

-Tube, Mr. Arkham and I have been huge fans for a while now. I just re-visited the site for the first time in a while, and was happy to see how much it has expanded. (I wanted to link to that FT piece but couldn't find it online.)
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I fink we kilt it.
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Daddy like.
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Perusing the victorian apothecary is making me realize how very badly I want an antique chloral hydrate bottle.

And I'm now aware of the existence of the Quarterly Journal of Inebriety.

Thank you!
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Am I alone in reading 'Madame Talbot' in the URL as 'Ma Da Metalbot'?
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This looks like the artwork from the 7th guest.
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I recently saw her work for sale at the gift shop at Oakland Park Cemetery in Atlanta, but the clerk didn't know who had done the posters. Nice to see who the artist is, and what other creepy stuff she's into. Very cool.
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