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If you watched MTV in the late 1980s, chances are during a commercial break you'd catch an episode of Stevie and Zoya (A.K.A. Stevie Washington- The Angry Youth). The series was created by Joe Horne, who later produced the similar series The Specialists (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)for MTV's Liquid Television .

Narration was provided by Russell Johnson probably best known as The Professor on Gilligan's Island.

There's also a couple of recent flash animations for Stevie Washington, which may or may not be by Joe Horne. (I'm thinking not.)
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That's the first and last time I'll ever mistake the Professor for William S. Burroughs.
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Punk. Bot.
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Ah, The Specialists. I was wondering why all this looked so familiar.

I probably saw plenty of Stevie Washington, too. But it was the other series that stuck in my head.
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I loved both of these.
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Neat stuff. I love the way the story lines get continually reduced to the most basic elements and repeated. The inclusion of the gaffs and intra-cast discussions is a brilliant touch as well. The narration sets the whole feel for thing and it's so great that it's actually Russell Johnson, the Professor of Gilligan's Island fame. My brother and I worshiped that guy on GI for all the amazing things he could invent from bamboo, pineapples and coconuts and a cheap transistor radio.
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Oh man, I remember these. Seeing them all together for once is great. Thanks for the post.
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I knew that eventually the internet would come through for me. It only took seven years.
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