Lab coats and safety goggles at the gun show...
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Playing Half-Life with a real gun? The magic of drywall, accelerometers, and geeks. (SLYT.) Courtesy of the good people at Waterloo Labs.
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is there a decaf version?
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Was that really Halflife? It looked more like a flash game that used HL2 images. Still, it's a great idea. I'm guessing movement and aiming is the tough part for retrofitting an existing FPS to use a Wiimote/targeting wall, since in a typical FPS you turn with the mouse and aim towards the center of the screen. It'd probably involve vertigo-inducing snap camera movements if they applied this to a FPS engine.
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Heh. Pretty funny :) But why did they use a suppressed pistol? What's the point of substituting a real gun if you don't get the real bang?
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"Try this at home... but not with real guns."

I won't, but just because even cases of .22 ammo from Walmart are expensive these days. I thought using shovels was a cool idea, airsoft or BBs would also be cheap alternatives.
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Why are they out of breath?
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The shovels were the best part.
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This won't be any fun until the Combine can shoot back. Put an accelerometer on the people, I say.
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mccarty.tim, it does say that they use the flash version in the video description.
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Amusingly high tech, but I'm afraid it's a pale imitation of shooting sports with real reaction targets and opponents.
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As one of the comments mentions, they're using MS paint (1:52)! What's up with that?
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