Superstrong Baby Samurai Friday Flash Fun
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Kinpira is a shockwave-game where you play a baby samurai out to rescue his mother. You run around a 3d landscape, all of which you can pick up and throw, once you grow strong enough to lift it. To start with you're picking up vases and other light items but soon enough you're lobbing houses around and eventually entire mountains. It's vaguely reminiscent of Mario 64 and Katamary Damacy.
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The rice cakes increase your strength by one. The best way to collect them is to jump up and then stomp down, which makes all the cakes immediately near slide to you.
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Macromedia Director still exists?
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I'm two levels in and I'm completely hooked already.
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This is amazing, but it seems to run really poorly on my laptop. Guess I'll have to wait until I get home to play it properly.
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I haven't used shockwave in a while, first time I've had to download it and I've had this laptop for almost a year.

I hope this game's worth it =].
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For me, it's not.
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"please update your shockwave player"

from 1998?
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I may be very, very dumb, but... I get to the goal in the very first level, and nothing happens. What do I do to get to the next level?
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You have to pick it up
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How do the save points in this game work? I reached a save point and saved, then died, then it asked me AGAIN if I wanted to save. When I load the game it starts me at the beginning of the level. Huh?!
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All it saves, pravit, is your strength, what treasures you've collected from each level, and what levels you've completed.

This is a cute game, and I enjoy it, but it keeps crashing Firefox on the Mac. I lost a good twenty minutes of progress the last time it blew up.
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This is pretty cute! I'd enjoy it more if it didn't intermittently beachball, and ultimately crash Safari.
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looks like you can use mozplugger in a weird hack, using the Windows Shockwave plugin in a little Windows Firefox pane in your Linux Firefox window:

Just found it, haven't tested.
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Well, I just tried it on my 64-bit Server2K8 machine and it worked fine, so I don't think the problem is Vista directly, as they're the same thing, more or less. Not sure what your problem is, but Shockwave installs and runs fine on this machine.
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Kinpira is also delicious. I prefer to use broccoli stems in mine.
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I've gotten to the point where I can hurl meteors on the Mt. Fuji level, which is pretty cool.

The game works fine on my MacBook's Safari (running on Leopard). My only problem is the sudden increase in volume that occurs whenever I end up reloading the game, such as after the HP runs out. Does anyone know how to fix the sound issue?
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Wait a minute - turning off the game music sets my system volume to zero? FAIL.
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I should've warned people about that song. I've had it stuck in my head now for three straight days.
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So, I just beat the game and watched the credits roll. Apparently Hyogonosuke was so proud of himself that he put his name in for every position. Multiple times. So the credit for "designers" is "HYOGONOSUKE HYOGONOSUKE HYOGONOSUKE"


Fun, short, and not very well balanced. I had to die multiple times and continue to get enough power. Also, by the end of it, the most challenging part was jumping over some dumb purple lava. I have 15,000,000 "power", can throw mountains and meteors for an infinite distance, but I can't jump more than a foot forward? I'd like to see this in a fully fleshed out version.
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I thought the credits were pretty funny. Oh, and the trick to the jumping is to rush and jump (z then x). You jump a lot farther that way.
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