Taliban Annuls bin Laden Fatwas Against U.S.:
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Taliban Annuls bin Laden Fatwas Against U.S.: That may be the title of the article, but the most interesting part is that Bin Laden claims that he had nothing to do with the Embassy bombings!
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Actual quote from the article:

"According to the Taliban officials, Bin Laden, for his part, swore on the Quran, a solemn undertaking in Islam, he was not linked to those terrorist bombings and that he is not responsible for what others do who claim to know him.

If others acted in his name, that does not make him the culprit, Hashmi said. Moreover, the Qur'an forbids the taking of the lives of women, children and old people in strife, conflict and war."

Commenting on the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania alleged to be carried out by bin Laden associates, Mulla Omar told UPI that they were "criminal acts and the perpetrators are criminals and should be so tried."

Referring to the convictions of so-called bin Laden associates in U.S., one of whom was sentenced for life last Tuesday, Hashmi said that the case against bin Laden was "based on a plea bargain, a concept unknown under Islamic law. Justice is black and white. Plea bargains pervert the very essence of justice."

In 1998, Cable News Network (CNN) after interviewing bin Laden, claimed the he has decreed that all Americans and the Britons must be killed.

But Rahmatullah Hashmi speaking at the University of Southern California on a visit to U.S. earlier this year said that he was present during the interview and CNN had misquoted bin Laden.

He said that the CNN team interviewed bin Laden for almost three hours and, "then they raised a question regarding sanctions against Iraq."

According to Hashmi while speaking on the subject bin laden said, "If all the Americans and all the Britons support killing the Iraqi civilians through the application of sanctions, then they deserve the same. In that case, the American and the Briton must also be killed." "

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"First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me... Blow."
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