Models, red in tooth and claw.
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Models, red in tooth and claw. This reality tv show follows a group of girls aspiring to become models. There's so many things wrong with this concept that I'll probably have to watch the first episode.
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BTW, the link is from scitechdaily.
posted by rdr at 10:40 PM on June 19, 2001

I'm sure if Model Behaviour gets picked up in the states I'll find myself watching it. It can't be any worse than Fear Factor. I've actually been recording it the last two weeks, and it's starting to make me feel sick to my stomach, in much the same way that just channel hopping and landing on a few seconds of Sally Jesse Rafael makes feel like a hot germ-killing bath.

Fear Factor pits six strangers against each other and their own fears for $50,000.00. So far they've dragged contestants behind horses on a muddy set for Wild Westerns, left them in a coffin-sized box with hundreds of smelly rats for four minutes, told them to climb out of a slippery car as a crane dangles it over a dam, perform a standing jump between semi trucks as they drive forty miles an hour, sit in a glass aquarium filled with thousands of icky worms for four minutes, and then they combined paint gun target shooting with bungee cords for no noticable reason whatsoever... but it looked good on TV.

Why am I watching this stuff?? Well it's obviously because I'm pathetic. I'm sure by the time Big Brother 2 starts on CBS in July, all my grey matter will have oozed out of my ears.
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I'd make fun of you real-TV junkies whom I feel superior to,
but I have my own shameful addiction.
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I'm starting to long for the days when I shot smack. At least it wasn't free, and brought to me at night by large corporations. (Okay, so it's still a good thing I quit.)
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Fear Factor is my new favorite freak show. And Joe Rogan is a great host. But his website is foul.

Incidentally, I *love* the link name! Closet Blake fans unite!
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[From the link]: Cut-in shots of a nice lady doctor reassuringly taking blood pressures and adjusting the psychological thermostat will surely help to quell the public outcry at the exploitation of vulnerable young women whose understanding of the risks involved must be questionable.

Not that this isn't a breathtakingly stupid concept for a show (I am no friend to "reality TV"), but the condescension here is really rather thick. What's wrong, Trisha? Failed model? Isn't it a bit tail-chasing to write an essay about the relative offensiveness to women in a certain show and then basically assign the stupidity tag to a bunch of women you don't know?

On the other hand, I can't wait to fuck those models.

Oh, wait. Sorry, it's reality TV.
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I'm starting to long for the days when I shot smack.
You read so much unfunny stuff that you figure it's safe to drink while glancing through here, then wham, spit take.
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