Duncan can't have his cake and eat it, too.
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"My name's Duncan. I was just a lonely 13-year-old with a rapid aging disease until I met..." Cakey! The Cake from Outer Space! [ episode 234567 ; each episode 4-5 minutes. Borderline NSFW. Must like talking cake. ]
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Originally from Channel 102, Channel 101's younger East Coast sibling.
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There is a certain zone where I can't tell whether something is simply bad, or a satire of other things that are bad, or both. This might very well define the center of that zone.
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I'm kind of a puppet nerd and that cake puppet is adorable.
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oh man, this is the kind of thing that makes so much more sense when you're into the whole channel 101/102 scene.

also, it's all about ringwald and moley, brought to you by the artist behind Scud: The Disposable Assassin.
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There's something about an adult playing the role of a child that just saps all the funny out of a project.
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I look like a cake!
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Oh boy. I didn't search for more about the makers, but I should have figured out it was part of a larger webscene. Thanks for tossing me the clue!
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Ron Howard: Well, there is this one thing. It's about a killer-robot driving instructor that travels back in time for some reason.

Studio Executive: I'm listening.

Ron Howard: Okay, okay, well, you see, this robot, he's got a heart-breaking decision to make about whether his best friend lives...or dies.

Studio Executive: Eh.

Ron Howard: His best friend's a talking pie!

Studio Executive: Sold! Howard, you've done it again!
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also, it's all about ringwald and moley


That and Twigger's Holiday.
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Hang on, maybe he can....
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I wish you could buy YouTube insurance so that if you watch a shitty video they will send you a payout to compensate for your pain and suffering. That way I would take the chance and watch part #2 of Cakey. Without insurance, no way.
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Oh God, I hadn't thought about Channel 101 in a while. Good to know the east coast has spoiled, unfunny, cliquey kids spending dad's money on web videos too.
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For those in love with the puppet, I don't know where he's from. But I first saw one of them here, and just the moronic expression alone made me giggle a little. Until this clip, I really thought it was an extremely well done frosting job, done with buttercream instead of fondant. As a person who browses Cakewrecks regularly and can barely even serve cake without botching it up, I was seriously in awe.

I'm a bit sad to know that it's a puppet, as that means I was mislead and the cake was never there. But I'm also excited to know that there is such a genius puppetmaker out there.
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/ Insert MacArthur Park reference here /
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I love Cakey!
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drjimmy11, if it's any consolation, C 102 was still a vital hotbed of creative fancy when C 101 started overdosing on self-indulgence. It's been a while since I've paid any attention to either, but if C102 has gone the some way, perhaps there's a C 103 still keeping the community spirit alive?
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