Rehearse this line, future slaves: "Merry Darkseid. I got you a Darkseid."
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Previously, we saw Darkseid rant to the empty air. Now the nightmarish lord of evil -- reduced to selling old Kiss cassette tapes to support his drinking habit, and living in a dumpster behind the Baby Gap -- rants to Twitter as HOBODARKSEID. Along the way, he shares his views on the ending of "Moonlighting," sings Dio's "Holy Diver," and confesses a love for "Mad Men." He also intends to destroy us all. Shudder/enjoy.
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Better than I would have thought, thanks K4B.
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spells verkackte wrong.
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What's fucked up is now I'm reading The Art of Dramatic Writing, and it all suddenly feels like it was written by Darkseid:

Some go so far as to claim there can be no rules [for writing] whatsoever. This is the strangest view of all. We know there are rules for eating, walking, and breathing; we know there are rules for painting, music, dancing, flying, and bridge building; we know there are rules for every manifestation of life and nature -- why, then, should writing be the sole exception? Obviously IT IS NOT. THERE IS ONE RULE AND THAT RULE IS DARKSEID. SOME WRITERS HAVE TOLD US THAT A PLAY IS MADE UP OF DIFFERENT PARTS: THEME, PLOT, OTHER STUFF, WHATEVER. THESE WRITERS ARE MISTAKEN. WRITING IS MADE UP OF ONE PART: DARKSEID. PLUS A SIDE OF DARKSEID. NOW GET DADDY HIS SLIPPERS AND SOME BOURBON. DARKSEID'S FEET HURT. OH GODDAMMIT HERE COME THE PIGS TO HASSLE DARKSEID SOME MORE WHO DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING
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The current Goblet of Sorrow plotline is cracking me up. DO NOT DEPOSIT WITHIN IT THE LEAVINGS OF YOUR CURRENCY! ASS!
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I love Darkseid.

I might love hobo Darkseid more.
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After word of the Iran protests was able to slip through the Tehran regime's grasp thanks to Twitter, I went from hating the site to on-the-fence. Even after a couple weeks of Twitter use, I remained up on that fence. DARKSEID JENKINS is officially my tipping point. TWITTER IS!


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Why is Darkseid Jewish?
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Whenever supervillains show up on's never the ones you'd hope. Like Ashton Kutcher. Sure he's got that whole plan to destroy western civilization rocking, but I never sense the anger and bitterness that typically drives world dominating types from aplusk.

In other words, thank the twitterverse for HOBODARKSEID. I'm sure I will enjoy his gritty realism for a good long while.
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Why is Darkseid Jewish?

*EVERYBODY* whose anybody in comics is jewish. It's a conspiracy!
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Nightmarish lord of evil, indeed.
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Why is Darkseid Jewish?

Because he was circumcised?
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Let's not forget the Jack Chick-style Darkseid tract...
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