Lyrics of Fury
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Two pens for sticks, table for a drum, listen to Lyric bang out Let the Beat Ride. [via]

Let the Beat Ride, on stage at the Philly Youth Slam. Fiend For. Performances in Wilmington (with brief interviews) pt 1, pt 2.
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Dope as fuck.
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Quite sincere.
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You really don't need any kind of fancy drums to do really dope percussion. I was doing the same sort of thing with a couple pencils and drove my family crazy- I just couldn't help myself.
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I was reminded of this. Longer version.
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man - sweet kick drum sound

(it's embarrassing how long it took me to figure out how he was making it ... wrists of fury?)

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2B or not 2B? 'dat kid was slinging lead.
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rock out with your cock yout

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If he wigged up he could have the best of both worlds.
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Reminds me of high school SO HARD. Add four more guys, turn the desk into a Coke machine, set clock to first lunch, and I'm back in 1997. Nobody I saw was quite this good, though.
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