If only people would listen to Bob Barker...
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One Bark at a Time: An amateur's notes on giving voice to abandoned dogs -- sometimes in a good way, but other stories will break your heart.
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To be fair, several of those posts you linked are more of the author giving voice to the frustrations of a dog rescue worker, and not so much the dogs.

I appreciated the ones about dogs more. The personal screed-y ones were a little too screed-y.

Thanks for the link.
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The photo he posted of a sign in Niagara-on-the-Lake railing against the dangers of dog urine and feces is consistent with my recollection of the place being extremely uptight about the cleanliness of its public spaces.
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Whew -- I thought he was teaching quiet dogs how to bark. This is much better.
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He can get a little screedy, but I let it go.
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