King of the one (maybe two) liners
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Joshua Green Allen, who has been posting great internet for more than 15 years, if not longer, merges seamlessly with a new technology. If any twitter account is worth being renowned far and wide for hilarity: His Is.

Also starring in: Diary of a Copywriter
One stop shopping.

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You can train an African Grey parrot to beat me at Yahtzee! but I guess you can't train him to not be a big dick about it

*smashes follow button*
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Oh my God. This is hilarious.
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sorry for commenting again so quickly, but I wanted to thank you for letting me know that this little number right here existed on the webz
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Had me at:

My son said "I love you, sir" for the first time. I slapped him and sent him away, then stood at my study window, mustache wet with tears.
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OK, one more time: GIN is made with BERRIES. BERRIES go on CEREAL. What the fuck are they teaching you at that kindergarten anyway.
9:52 AM Jan 28th from web

I actually LOL'd at that. Why haven't I heard of this guy before?
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Speaking of twitterlarity
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howd i gett wine biottles stuck on evry goddaam fingr

That's a very amusing image.
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Oh, yay! I'm already following fireland on Twitter. Great imagery in 140 words? Ur doing it right.
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I think up hilarious shit for twitter all the time, but I don't post it because I despise my followers.
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*unfollows digsrus*
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Pretty funny. If he can't keep it up, do his followers get to say that his old tweets were soo much better?
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Ha your baby sure can take a punch good stuff.
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Remember the vow you took on our wedding day? Then PUT ON THE GODDAMN CHEWBACCA COSTUME.

I'm dyin' over here.
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This one at Wiretap Follies is especially good.
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I think I'm in love.
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He dreams about us too.
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I was halfway through the appendectomy when I realized that Wikipedia was full of shit.

heh heh heh... Excellent find, Potomac Avenue.
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This is gold.
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whenever I tweet something even remotely witty or fanciful, it's like there's a prize for the fastest reply that steps on the joke,with bonus points for replying with a stupid literal question.

Which is probably a good indicator that either I'm nowhere near as funny as this person, or my friends are really dumb.
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It kills me that twitter is down right now. Is that part of the joke?
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Help, I can't stop favoriting almost all of them.
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"Oh, so this was just a one-time thing? Fine, whatever. Go back out there and throw the bouquet. Wait, your veil's caught in my nipple ring."

Amazing find. Allen is the end of the rainbow for short short form comedy. Finally I've found a reason to visit and use Twitter. Allen even sounds like I thought he would—his now defunct podcast on
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Yes, I know I'm late to the game, but I just have to go on record on saying how much I've loved many of these. I have officially decided to stop trying to be funny on twitter because there's no way I can reach such great heights as these. This guy officially made my day yesterday, and he keeps doing it today.

Hm, looks like Grandpa learned how to send text messages. And somehow managed to misspell "fag."

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These are really good. It made me wonder if Jack Handey might have a twitter account, so I checked, and Bingo! (Sadly, I think they're all repeats. But check it out: web site!)
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Flowers, sailor suit, flask, proof of employment, Ativan. OK, I think I'm ready for Mother's Day.

Been on hold so long I can't remember who I called. I have a credit card out and my pants off but that doesn't really narrow it down much.

Almost a week since the Gay Pride Parade and I'm still finding sequins in my underwear and runaways on my futon.

Gold mine. Thanks!
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These reminded me of The Onion's horoscopes.
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