Leo and Diane Dillon, illustrators of children's books
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The work of Leo and Diane Dillon is on display in Brooklyn. I was tempted to find more of their art after noticing the cover they did for A Wrinkle in Time.

Then I learned they've made a lot of paperback covers, also among everything else a series of Greek deities, this frightening encounter between the wolf and the little girl, a lot of work which is typical of the kind of simple wisdom that children receive daily, but which some of us may be missing in adulthood, finally this link provides an interview and two galleries (linked at the top right of that page.
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Hey, that's actually very close by me...I may check it out.
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Oh, wow. I've always wondered who did those covers. They're brilliant, lush and gorgeous.

[this is good]
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Oh huzzah! I met them briefly earlier this year on Broadway at 23rd Street—don't know how I recognized them, but I just knew it must be them. I introduced myself and told them how much I like their work; they were lovely.
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Nice post. Thanks. Good to learn about Leo and Diane Dillon, a successful, quite prolific team, who have lived and worked with each other for ages. I loved A Wrinkle In Time as a kid and it's great when the cover of a book enhances the enjoyment of that book.
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*oh yes, and I really love their illustrations/art.
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What is the one of the wolf and the little girl from? Is it an illustration from a picture book? It's lovely--if it's from a book, I'd like to have it.
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They used to do the covers of all or most of Harlan Ellison's books. As I've grown older, I've lost my my taste for his writing but their art is still quite fresh and interesting. Good to see they're still at it. I'd love to see them do an illustrated book, something like the Earthsea trilogy.
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I asked and received this one for Christmas once.
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