The Half-Human, Half-Silicon Chip
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The Half-Human, Half-Silicon Chip sounds like something out of a movie I saw on MST3K. And the reference to the "cell in the hole" sounds like an old catchprase from Seinfeld. In other words, TV Comedy Technology.
posted by wendell (1 comment total)
I noticed they said the chip was a sandwich
that traps the cell between layers of silicon.
I'll take mine with extra mayo, please.
Also it uses a process called extraporation
(opening up the pores).
It seems like a good first application of this technology would be to
cure teenage acne.
Maybe we could also insert a gene to make
the kids like classical music
and give up their seats to little old ladies.
posted by Eyeglasses at 8:41 PM on February 26, 2000

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