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The blogroll on this site is pretty spectacular.
posted by HumanComplex at 10:18 AM on August 28, 2009

Although i did not know it until now, I desperately need one of these.

This is an excellent collection of collections.
posted by 1f2frfbf at 10:35 AM on August 28, 2009

Yeah, the Evil Dead one made me smile, 1f2frfbf, but for sheer inanity, I think I'd rather have the House Party poster hanging in my house.
posted by Ufez Jones at 10:46 AM on August 28, 2009

This site is a huge, superb treasure of wonderful visuals. Wow, what a labor of love. Nice find Ufez Jones!

Oooh, awesome Tibetan anatomical paintings.
posted by nickyskye at 10:59 AM on August 28, 2009

Oooh, I love his Other People's Memories page too!
posted by nickyskye at 11:01 AM on August 28, 2009

In Bamako, some friends bought a coiffure sign for what I thought was ridiculous low price. Hand painted, beautiful, and sentimental. I think the final price was around $4. Which I wondered what type of new door of third world art buying, western world reselling, this could open up. Is this already happening?

posted by iamck at 12:26 PM on August 28, 2009

This is amazing. Thanks!
posted by Locative at 5:00 PM on August 28, 2009

posted by BlackLeotardFront at 5:55 PM on August 28, 2009

I want to hug all of the Ghana posters and take them home.

Someday in the future, all of the crap I hoard out of anxiety or laziness will have turned into an ephemera collection, and then I can trade up for the ephemera that really interests me.
posted by Countess Elena at 6:43 PM on August 28, 2009

iamck - those were all over soho in the late 80s. Hundreds of dollars though, not 4.
posted by vronsky at 10:01 PM on August 28, 2009

Thanks for the info vronsky. Maybe they'll be all over Williamsburg in a few months. A man's gotta make a living, right?
posted by iamck at 1:22 AM on August 29, 2009

Great post.
posted by mediareport at 5:37 AM on August 29, 2009

His Twitter feed's got a lot of other great stuff, too. Thanks so much for this, Ufez!
posted by mediareport at 6:30 AM on August 29, 2009

memail me if you ever get it going iamck. I've always wanted one, but couldn't afford them. As a matter of fact, I remember going to a lecture on semiotics once and the professor was using those for illustration.

also -- nice blog!
posted by vronsky at 12:36 PM on August 29, 2009

awesome post, Ufez Jones, thanks!!
posted by madamjujujive at 11:07 AM on August 30, 2009

Those movie posters are insanely great! Thanks.
posted by OmieWise at 9:31 AM on September 2, 2009

To toot my own horn: movie posters, previously.
posted by filthy light thief at 10:22 AM on September 9, 2009

Aww, dangit, I just tried to post this myself (I surch gud)

Nice post, Ufez Jones!
posted by graventy at 8:49 PM on September 13, 2009

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