Bang Barstal
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The now-defunct Bang Barstal tells the story of a man and his baseball bat after everything went wrong at once.
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I thought this was a-ok.
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I shared Graphic Smash time with Bang back when it started out -- I was doing a comic called Bronson Tracy has: The License -- but my strip got culled before the archiving system was in place. Bang was/is a swell strip, and deserves more recognition than it got.

There was a lot of great stuff on Graphic Smash, actually, and if it doesn't have its own FPP it should. It was part of the Big Modern Tales Expansion, and kind of petered out after a few years, but for a while it was the go-to place for ¬°Action! comics on the Internet. Jerzy Drozd and Sara Turner's The Replacements was magnificent; as is/was Tim Demeter's Reckless Life (full disclosure -- I've been working on a project with Jerzy for a while, and wrote Tim's "Zombies!" installment of Reckless Life). It was also the start of Justin Pierce's Killroy and Tina, and the home to the absolute flaming genius of FLICK.

...I'd better write an FPP if one hasn't already been done, hey?
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Wow, that was great.
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I would love to see a Graphic Smash FPP, Shepard.
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Come to think of it, I, er, can't, given that I was a part of the site. But the whole Modern Tales family of sites was a nexus of amazing comics back in the early to mid '00s, and well worth an FPP if somebody else is ever up to it.
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I followed the link this morning, and then had to go out before I had time to post anything here. I must say that I'm very surprised that this has only a few comments. I really enjoyed this - left me wanting more.

I must go back and reread with the author's comments later tonight.
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Loved it! Thanks!
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