War Makes Monsters of Us All
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The Warrior Writers Project brings together recent veterans and current service members to be in creative community and utilize art-making processes to express themselves. There is a deep necessity for veterans to create when so much has been shattered and stolen. A profound sense of hope comes from the ability to rebuild and transform.
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Nice. Thank you for posting.

On similar note, check out this site, a PBS site detailing the Operation Homecoming veterans' writing project. If you only have time to check out a little of it, you must see these two clips.

"Men in Black" and "Aftermath."

The writing was compiled into an anthology.
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I think this is a great thing, and I hope it helps. I can only imagine it would. Not sure what else to say about it, although if I can say this in a completely non-snarky way (in the hopes that someone from the Warrior Writers site may be reading this), I think their web presence could only be made better by the absence of auto-starting video clips.
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I felt a bit ambiguous when I saw a video introducing a literary site. But those performances drew me in! Time to delve in deeper...
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