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Youtube user Omahdon takes regular old comics and adds voices, sound effects, and incidental music, bringing them to life in a way that sometimes surpasses the mute originals.

You don't get to use your mind to fill in the blanks that the sound replaces (a joy of reading them, for some), but it's better then a movie adaptation. Omahdon's body of work is small for now. He started around March of this year. So far he has only done "vocalized comics" of VG Cats (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Bloopers ) and Ultimate Doctor Doom.

Even Scott Ramsoomair of VG Cats took notice of Omahdon's efforts.
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Reminds me of the fine Watchmen "motion comics" which came out in advance of the movie.
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Fuck. That.
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Channelling Kreskin: This will not get a warm reception here.

I did like the Jar-Jar line though. And well-done graphics.
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(Yes I know Kreskin's not dead.)
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Well, I clicked on #1, and it was clunky and awful, so I took a chance and clicked on #9. You know what? It made me laugh, the graphics additions were unobtrusive and sparingly used, the pacing was quite good, and you could tell they were having a lot of fun with the voice acting. Maybe it's just that VG Cats is my guilty pleasure webcomic (it amuses me but I don't feel good about that fact) but I got a kick out of this.
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Oh thank goodness they're leaving actual comic books alone. I was scared there for a bit. Please please please internet forget you ever knew anything at all about comic books ever please. Thanks.
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I hear Omahdon will be trying xkcd next!
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I liked it, normally I don't like VG cats but's pretty good. It looks like he put a lot of work into it.
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Watched #1, and I didn't care for it. Tried #9, because Mizu did. I actually thought this strip was pretty funny to begin with, and I thought it translated pretty well. The rest of it I thought was pretty bland.

To be honest, I've read VGCats very infrequently for a very long time. It never struck me as great, or even particularly good, on a regular basis, but I kept coming back to try to understand exactly what it was about VGCats that drove some people, lots of some people, to such rage-ful outbursts. I never did figure it out, just a so-so webcomic, nothing to burst a blood vessel over.

Then I watched the first video, and the only thing I could think was "ohh......"
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I think it's a great new medium. Kind of like Hanna-Barbera cartoons only better, because there isn't even the pretense of movement. Frankly, I'd like to see people adapt comics and graphic novels this way. There's a big talent out there somewhere who will connect with this medium, and when it finds its star, it will take off like wildfire.
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I quite like this adaptation of Penny Arcade's Automata comic.
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