Oh where, oh where has my nuclear weapons data gone? Oh where, oh where can it be?
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Ever wanted a visual tally of the computers, personal data, and other property lost by or stolen from the US federal government? Presenting the Government Lost & Found Map, via OhMyGov!.
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Isn't this, then, why conservatives oppose all things done by government? Are we to assume that things done by private enterprise would hold losses accountable to someone etc?
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I don't know what we are to assume, but I find this fascinating, in that eye-popping, face-smacking sort of way. Case in point:

OOPS: Personal Data from the Bowling Green Police Department Published on Website
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Date Posted: Nov. 2006.

Inadvertent publishing of the names, SSNs, and phone numbers of 200 suspects and victims on the daily blotter.

Oops, indeed!
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Doesn't look like just the U.S. federal government - there seem to be a lot of incidents from state and local governments.
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