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It really isn't safe out there. Click any link and scroll down for up close shipping and aircraft disasters.
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Um, I bet there's something at this site but the circa-1999 design does a great job of hiding it.
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I imagine this being narrated in the voice of the "future of AT&T ads":


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Terrible organization, unreadable layout, obnoxious animated GIF's and pervasive grammatical and spelling errors all combine to make the content the elusive prize in a web browser easter egg hunt. I almost wish I had browsed this on a mobile device to add to the unusability of the site, thus accentuating the pleasure of actually finding the funny pictures and stories.
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Jesuit Crêpes, that site is a hunting-for-content nightmare.
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Don't forget the archives of the US Naval Safety Center, source of pretty much every photo of people doing stupid things you've ever seen.

And "circa-1999" is giving that site way too much design credit.
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See, I knew icanhascheeseburger.com could open more sister sites!
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Web 0.7?
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Hey, I've been there before! (And to the Naval Safety Center, of course.)

I ended up at cargolaw.com after looking up the MV Ital Florida, which was immortalised in the "Your Shipment of Fail Has Arrived" image macro. The cargolaw.com page for the Ital Florida mishap is here.

And yes, cargolaw.com's design may actually predate the Web, their command of the English language is patchy, and they do inexplicable things like run images as GIFs instead of better-looking, smaller JPEGs.

But if you need a big ol' dose of uncut schadenfreude, it's still a fantastic site.
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(Many of the Naval Safety Center photos only promise a dude falling on his head and/or having something heavy fall on him, possibly while everything's sliding down a road; those ones get kind of samey after a while. But then, there's this one.)
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I recommend the 60-second Web 2.0 fix: just change the font from Times New Roman to Verdana/Helvetica.
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yes, yes, hideous site design, but amazing photos. Did any of you even look at them? I love the sea and appreciate the opportunity to see photos, for example, of a ship at 90 degrees.
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More like circa 1997 and designed by a person who learned web design out of a magazine (as I did back then).
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hint: Click on the "go directly to article" link down in the lower left, Before I found that I kept pushing the "forgot what I'm looking at" button.
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Compelling content goes a long way to forgive poor site design.

But I'm not sure it goes that far.
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amazing photos. Did any of you even look at them?

I'm still trying to find one.
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This one is pretty astonishing. Taking a SAM hit on an engine just after takeoff and limping it back in one piece is amazing. This is not a scenario a commercial transport pilot often drills for...
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I'm still trying to find one.

The trick is to find the link on the destination page that says "Go Directly To The Feature". Click that... that's what you really want to see. I can't imagine why the site was designed that way.
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