Damien Walters and Livewire's Free Running Shenanigans
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Damien Walters and Tim "Livewire" Shieff: Choose Your Own Adventure. (previously)

Related to (and probably a viral vid-series for) their new-ish YouTube show, The Walters & Shieff Show -- ep1, ep2, ep3, & ep4.

bonus pointless/amazing video: Livewire -- A Day in the Life (slightly NSFW -- brief man ass)
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For 1/10th of what they paid for one of those pairs of pants they could have gotten a decent windscreen for their microphone.

Having a video broken up into segments like that kind of turns youtube into a braindamaged version of mystery science theater Beavis and Butthead, with stupid interjections to go with each segment.
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I don't understand how Beavis and Butthead or MST have any relevance to this post. There was no commentary on what I was seeing or choosing. There were only choices about what I wanted to see next. A "Choose Your Own Adventure", just like the poster described it.

If the idea of breaking information into interlinked segments in such a way that the end user has a choice about where to go next bothers you, perhaps you'd be happier in a place other than the Web?

Neat post, I though. Parkour always makes me look at the world as if I were playing Tony Hawk.
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I was referring to the braindamaged comments on each youtube video, which are somewhat pertinent to each scene, since the scenes are so short. This does not reflect on the authors other then their decision to allow comments, of course.

They do some interesting stuff, but I had more fun watching their various attempted stunts rather than the choose your own adventure via hyperlink. For example the putting on / removing clothing in episode 3 was awesome.
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Ah, yeah, now I get you. Ignoring youtube comments has become an unconscious reflex for me.
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Ignoring Metafilter comments has become an unconscious reflex for me.
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I was referring to the braindamaged comments on each youtube video

Just click on the small arrow to the left of Text Comments, and you don't have to suffer any more.
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I thought this was amazing, fun, and a great use of the "choose your own" meme. Plus I'm astounded at the sheer physical power of these boys. Good lord.
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