Gay Webmaster Takes Baptist Church Staffer Hostage?
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Gay Webmaster Takes Baptist Church Staffer Hostage? Good grief!
posted by Iberaband (10 comments total)
But who's in jail?
posted by binkin at 2:23 PM on June 20, 2001

...go to jail.

Brought to you by the International Committee for Consistency Go To Jail (ICCGTJ)
posted by Marquis at 2:23 PM on June 20, 2001

I want an ICCGTJ t-shirt!
posted by UncleFes at 2:26 PM on June 20, 2001

ICCGTJ is the next AYBABTU
posted by lawtalkinguy at 2:41 PM on June 20, 2001

I like how the guy did it to raise awareness about how unfairly homosexuals are looked upon by the Southern Baptists. I couldn't think of a better way to change the group's mind then taking a leader of theirs hostage at bottle-point.

I used to frequently win web design arguments at meetings by bringing half a smashed glass bottle with me, it's nice to see the use of that brilliant tactic catching on.
posted by mathowie at 2:44 PM on June 20, 2001

Thanks for the tip, Matt.

I've got a departmental meeting tomorrow to discuss a site redesign, and up to this point I've been fighting a losing battle trying to get the marketing wonks to cut out some of the technobabble so I can lighten up the pages. This time, though, I'll go in with a renewed sense of resolve – and a jagged glass bottle. Betcha they'll listen now.
posted by barkingmoose at 3:42 PM on June 20, 2001

I like that the perpetrator operated an "extensive homosexual website".

If anyone can help me find out if that website is an inny or an outty, I'd appreciate it. Somehow it seems important that I know.
posted by Sapphireblue at 3:53 PM on June 20, 2001

I assume it's this one.

I can't wait till IT finds my query for "san diego gay website" in the logs. I anticipate some odd looks tomorrow.
posted by y6y6y6 at 4:41 PM on June 20, 2001

You asked for it, UncleFes, you got it.

Now all we need is a mousepad.
posted by Marquis at 4:47 PM on June 20, 2001

"The incident took place...while David Powell, 44, minister of maintenance and media, was shampooing carpet..."

Minister of maintenance and media?
posted by tippiedog at 7:29 PM on June 20, 2001

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