Prepare to die! No seriously, prepare to die over and over and over again ...
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After over eight months of beta releases, Spelunky version 1.0 has finally been released. If you missed it previously, Spelunky is a exploration platform game with random levels, so it plays different each time. Its random layout, interesting interactions with items, destroyable scenery, and robbable shops have earned it comparison with Nethack, the classic roguelike game. Currently Windows only, but announced for XBox Live Arcade.
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I like it. Sort of a La Mulana-meets-roguelike vibe going on, except it doesn't make me want to destroy my PC.
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You haven't played enough of it, then.
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*squee* I can maybe pay for the game someday!!
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Great stuff. Rick Dangerous but so, so much better.
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This game is the real deal. Right up there with Cave Story and La-Mulana, except with an entirely different kind of play. It may be a 2D action platformer, but in complexity of play and situation it is more roguelike than many roguelikes.

Spelunky should be studied in game design classes. There, I said it.

What do I mean by "more roguelike than many roguelikes"? There are two different things that could be taken to mean "roguelike." What most people think of when they use that term is ASCII graphics, an overhead-view, the trappings of a role-playing game, and some form of random content generation. Also, that simulationist play style where everyone gets a single move at a time. This style is similar to the play style of old-school D&D, except if that were played in a roguelike it'd get unwieldly, with everyone getting a single move at a time.

The other thing that could be meant by roguelike is less commonly-accepted, but it's the definition I most go by, and it gets to the core of what's really engaging about Rogue, Hack, Nethack, and most recently the Shiren branch of the Mystery Dungeon games: the variety of situations the player can get into, and out of, and forcing him to survive by making use of randomly-generated equipment, taking optimum advantage of dangerous situations, and overall by using his wits, instead of grinding out levels and enhancements through a system whereby the player tithes time and energy to the game in exchange for character advancement.

It's important to note that in these particular roguelikes, even tactical combat takes a back seat to those aspects. Angband arguably is a stronger game in simulating fantasy combat than Nethack, but it doesn't have nearly as many kinds of situations. This is because, although there is a lot of fighting in it, Nethack is not a game about fighting. Let us meditate upon this now. Ooommm....

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Is there Rotato?
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Well there goes that days work!
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Spelunky is an awesome game. It can be keyboard-smashingly difficult and yet you love it all the more for OH SHIT NOT TWO GIANT SPIDERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD RUN
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I hope the price point is about 400 Microbuck Points. If so, that would make it an automatic purchase for me. 800 MPs, and I'll give the trial a spin and grab it if it seems appropriately awesome. 1200 MPs, and I probably won't even try the trial, because I know I won't want to spend the points.

1600 MPs, and I'll laugh and file it next to the Watchmen games under the heading "YARIGHT."
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There goes that nights sleep! Excellent, definately a great combination of Rick Dangerous and nethack.
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Is there Rotato?

Warning: contains no rotato.
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Oops. Forgot to mention, Spelunky is, as Spatch perspicuously points out, awesome.
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This is a really, really good game. And very hard.
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If and when I get a gamepad for PC I'll come back to this and try it again. Something this twitchy just doesn't work for me on a keyboard.
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A PC gamepad makes all sorts of fun older games playable (MAME, Dosbox, etc). Well worth the $9 investment.

Also, Spelunky is God.
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